Spirit distilling has century-long traditions in the North. Home distilling of spirits was prohibited in 1866, and a prohibition law prevailed in Finland in 1919–1932. Rulers and laws have changed, but distilling skills have passed from generation to the next as secret traditional knowledge.

Moonshine, mountain dew, hooch. A beloved child has many names, but the distillates of the North were never any rotgut. The integrity developed in the arctic conditions has refined the production of spirits into a true masterpiece of artisanism. We want to bring this Lappish skill that has remained a secret to the public’s attention by opening a distillery in connection with Tornion Panimo.

We cherish our traditions, but we’re also used to adopting new impetus from the world here at the country’s border. Thereby we combine old artisanal traditions with modern manufacturing methods and arctic ingredients with tastes from the world, creating first-class spirits, liqueurs, and mixed beverages that can only arise under the Northern lights.

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